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GENERAL INFORMATION                                   

1. NAME: emily sexton aka emsex

2. AGE: 17

3. LOCATION: the dirty b INDIANA

4. GENDER: girl

5. SEXUALITY: i <3 boys but when i get drunk i make out with girls also, yeeuhh


1. TYPE OF BEER: natural fucking ICE


3. MUSIC TO LISTEN TO WHILE YOU ARE DRUNK: Papi Chulo and the fuck shit up! mix at austin's

4. TYPE OF STD: gimmie them hurps'


1. WHAT DO YOU DO WHEN YOU AREN'T DRUNK: think about getting wasted, what else

2. HOW MANY CASE RACES HAVE YOU WON: omh i never have, who wants to race, right now hoe, ill take you down!

3. WHEN DID YOU LOSE YOUR SHOTGUN VIRGINITY: about 8 months ago. austin coached me through it," the ABC's of shotgun! err ABS's. the S for shotgun.."

4. HOW MANY TIMES HAVE YOU THROWN UP AND WHY THE FUCK DID YOU DO THAT:  psh twice at the most. ask anyone. i aint no light weight!

5. WHAT TIME DO YOU THINK THE PARTY SHOULD END: a true retoxer pulls an all nighter then continues drinking the next day and through the next night! the party should NEVER end.

6. BIGGEST TURN ON: hot drunk boys makin' outtttttt

7. WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU WERE IN A PRIOR LIFE: wtf obviously a Queen..of shotgun..oh wait that's now..OH!



WHY DO YOU WANT IN? because i deff know how to get drunk and fuck shit up. plus i love you beautiful girls and i think we could own lj.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION WE SHOULD KNOW ABOUT YOU: i have a story. about 8 months ago at our thug night theme party, i did this killer keg stand. and it got reffered to as " the girl version of an aust wolfe" keg stand. holy shit what a compliment. i couldnt breathe and almost died. haha. it's okay i laugh about it now. but i also hit my leg on the bath tub coming down from it and it left a huge bruise bigger than my actual knee that STILL isn't gone. gay.


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